A good day generally starts with great coffee. So where are the best places to go in and around Prospect Road to find your perfect cup to set things off on the right foot?

Prospect Road has changed dramatically in recent years and the food and drink scene is fast becoming to rival some of South Australia’s larger cities. The superb Adelaide coffee culture is spreading to the suburbs and you won’t find it hard to find good coffee spots to enjoy in Prospect.

Here are a few that you must try: 

1. Café Di Roma

It’s always a good sign when there’s a strong traditional Italian culture behind a coffee house. Café Di Roma is a family owned eatery that not only provides great coffee but also functions as a restaurant offering take out service as well.

Café di Roma has a large local following who come here to fuel up on espresso and sip lattes and cappucuinos, made the authentic Italian way.

2. Al Mina

A little different, Al Mina offers sweets and savouries from the Middle East and Mediterranean to accompany your morning cup of coffee or an afternoon catch up with friends. The coffee here is strong and the owners love telling customers about the tradition of coffee drinking in the Middle East.

Cakes here are delicious especially the coconut cake and the waffles – enjoy!

3. 50SIXONE Prospect

Don't be fooled by their Insta-famous shakes, 50SIXONE offer a wide range of Coffee and Teas. From a Vienna White to a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, you are sure to find something to suit your taste buds and caffeine requirements. The breakfast menu is worth a look too - and if you stay long enought, tehy are a fully licenced venue too.

4. Cocolat Prospect

There’s something for everyone at Cocolat. The coffee is delicious and made by lovely staff who are passionate about delivering perfection in every cup. However, you can also tempt your little ones with their stunning Hot Chocolate.

Make sure you test some of the cakes here too – there are some great flavours including Salted Caramel Truffle, and of course the sensational chocolate brownie.

4. Muratti

Well located for a caffeine kick whilst you do your shopping, Muratti is right in the centre of Prospect’s main shopping area. The lattes are creamy and the espressos will certainly power you through an afternoon of browsing and buying. Take away a cake or one of the patisserie items which have a real Parisian feel to them.

Coffee! Another great reason to own property in Prospect.

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