• At what stage can I see the apartment?

We will provide photos and information during the construction of your apartment and you will be able to see the apartment on your handover meeting once construction is complete. 

• How will I get updated on the development of the build?

Once construction starts you will receive regular emails including photos of how the construction is progressing.

• Can I have a pet?

Yes, but please refer to the by-laws of the community strata scheme for specific rules and regulations regarding size of pets and the rights of all building occupants. In The Willcox this is 15Kg for a dog/cat or other pet. 

• Can I put a BBQ on my balcony?

The Draft By-Laws states that you can have flammable material and gas cylinders up to 15kg but only if it is for domestic purposes. 
We cannot say that legislation won’t be changed in the future.

• What will the solar panel system supply electricity for?

The solar system will offset against the community areas to keep power bills lower for the ongoing strata fees. 

• Will there be an intercom to let visitors in?


• What are the community fees?

Please see the estimated community fees in attached appendixes, But remember that higher value apartments typically have higher community fees then lower value apartments. 

• Where is my deposit held?

Your deposit is held in the conveyancer’s trust account until settlement where the conveyancers will transfer it as part of the purchase price. A trust account is an audited account to protect the purchasers' deposit. 

• What deposit do I need? 

You will require a deposit of 10% of the purchase price.

• What if I am getting finance? 

Off Plan contracts generally feature a 10% Deposit and Balance at completion, without “subject to finance” clauses. 

• But I already have pre-approval? 

Pre-approval with a bank is great to work out how much you can afford but it is only valid for 90 days. The agent will notify you 120 days away from settlement to let you know to prepare your documentation so that you can then apply again for approval prior to settlement. 


• What if I want to change the floor plan or power points etc?

Most floor plan layouts will not be changeable. Most floor plans will include multiple power points in bedrooms that have been designed by an electrical designer with consideration to the use of the rooms. 

• What size is the fridge space?

Minimum of 900mm wide

• Where are the power points, switches, TV and internet points located?

These will be finalised shortly prior to the commencement of construction and can be viewed on request.

• Can I see the kitchen cabinetry layouts?

These will be finalised shortly prior to the commencement of construction and can be viewed on request. 

• Can I have all draws in the kitchen

There are storage upgrade packages available that will allow for better storage options.  

• Can I see the walk-in-robe and built-in-robe layouts?

These will consist of a hanging rail with a shelf above. Drawer units can be added for an additional cost in the storage upgrade package.


• What selections can I choose from?

All the selections and inclusions will be outlined and provided for you to choose from prior to the commencement of construction. 

• Am I able to include my own appliances/lighting?

All appliances and lighting will be supplied by the builder.

• Are the BIR doors mirrored?

This is available as an upgrade option.

• Are the benchtops to the island waterfall?

The two penthouses – Apartment 501 and 502 have waterfall to island benchtops.

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